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Cut us some slack

Everyone talks about how beautiful and magical pregnancy can be and don’t get me wrong, pregnancy IS magical and beautiful, but it can also be stressful and downright mentally taxing. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my first and I wouldn’t change that… Continue Reading “Cut us some slack”

Little One.

My little one all snug and safe inside me I marvel at the little kicks you give me. Those tiny little reminders that I am not alone and the love I have for you is more then you’ll ever know. I’ve dreamed about these… Continue Reading “Little One.”

After Every Storm There’s Always A Rainbow.

Everyone knows the saying, but few know what it means. For those struggling with infertility or those going through the loss of  a child/pregnancy this is so much more than just a saying; it’s a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark and barren… Continue Reading “After Every Storm There’s Always A Rainbow.”