Welcome! I’m guessing your here to learn about me and my blog huh? Well to be perfectly honest I’m still figuring that part out myself. Most of my writing comes from my daily life, my experiences and my own thoughts.

About me – I am 26 and married to the love of my not so late life, I basically have the equivalent to Noah’s Ark living in my home with two cats, a dog, a rat, and a rabbit Petsmart has become my new best friend. We also have our friends living with us and their son, which is actually really fun and has helped me learn a lot about myself.

About My Blog- I started this blog to hopefully act as a guild for others to help navigate through this chaotic world we live in. I talk about, love, marriage, personal experiences and much more. I hope that anyone following and reading my blog hopefully leave with a sense that whatever they are currently going through that they are not alone.




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