Little One.

My little one all snug and safe inside me I marvel at the little kicks you give me. Those tiny little reminders that I am not alone and the love I have for you is more then you’ll ever know. I’ve dreamed about these moments that were only a fantasy that one day I’ll have you in my arms and you’ll be safe with me.

You’ll never know the nights I’ve lied awake in bed making sure I feel you move so I don’t fill with dread. You’ll never know how much I worried before you even came of all the little things that danced inside my brain. From your car seat to the shots you’ll have when you’re born. I’ll worry about you all the time until you’re safe and warm.

I love you little one more then you’ll ever know and I can’t wait till you are here so I can watch you grow. You’ll be so beautiful, so loving, and so strong and still I’ll worry the whole way long. You’ll start to grow and run around and play and I’ll have new worries to fill my day, but I’ll always be here for the times you can’t be strong because I’m you mom and it’s my job to carry you along.

I’ll hold you tight and make the nightmares go away. I’ll kiss your tears and make the monsters go away. I’ll always be your shelter even when you’re grown and far away. I’ll love you till then end of time and cherish you every day.

I’ll love you for forever and I’ll love you still today until I hold you in my arms safe inside my belly you will stay.

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