I Guess This Is Growing Up

It’s clear that as we age the things we once did hold no appeal to us anymore and that’s okay. We’re allowed to grow up and move past things that no longer serve us. We’re allowed to move on from a job, friendship, relationship, habits. We’re allowed to want to better ourselves and our lives.

I’m not saying throw your current life away and start fresh because let’s be honest that’s a very long and difficult process, but you are allowed to move on from something that no longer works for you. For example, those old pair of skinny jeans in the closet that you’ve had since high school? The ones that you promise you’ll fit into next year? You’re allowed to get rid of them and feel sad about it. They no longer served you, they took up space where a new pair could be, they only taunted you by hanging there. But you’re allowed to be sad about the good times you had and the memories you made with them.

Ya see life is like those old jeans! We all grow up and sometimes people and relationships that no longer help us grow and only serve to stop you from growing into the best person you can be. It’s okay to feel sad about it, it’s okay to remember the good times you all had, it’s okay to be angry about it. That’s part of growing up we have to sometimes get rid of the old so something better and new can take its place.

I’ve had my fair share of letting go and some of them were very hard to do, but I realized that if the relationship, friendship, job, or place doesn’t grow with me I have to let it go or else I won’t be able to. It’s like a plant, one the plant grows and becomes too big for its pot it must be transferred to something bigger so it can thrive. It doesn’t mean the old pot did have value or wasn’t good enough it just means for that pot would not help the plant grow into its fullest potential.

So don’t be afraid to let go of things that no longer serve your growth, you don’t owe anything to anyone or any place that no longer helps you thrive and become the best you that you can be.


grows you .png

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