God’s Taken The Wheel And Locked Humanity In The Trunk.

I seems that with everything going inn our lives, sometimes we sit and think, why has God abandoned us? Why is he allowing these awful this to happen?

Have we ever stopped to think maybe we pissed God off enough to create another great disaster like the flood? I mean he did say he would never do something like that again right? He wouldn’t just Etch A Sketch us off the face of the earth right? Over the past couple of weeks this is what keeps me up at night, why would and all powerful and benevolent being let such shitty things happen to his so called children? Then I remembered……


He isn’t here to grant all our wishes, he’s acting like a parent, he’s trying to teach us how to function on our own. He like any good parent has to let us wander around for a bit in the hopes that we learned from his teaching and we don’t catch the world on fire by or own stupidity. God gave us this amazing world to live and thrive in and we treat it and everyone around us like we’re all not giant miracles  to begin with, like dad gave us his 1967 Mustang and like children do we slammed that sucker directly through the neighbors fence and we don’t care!

Humanity is on fire and we can’t see a drop of water in sight. Most days I look at my bank account and every little thing thats wrong and think “What the Hell man?”. Why does even the simplest of this have to be the most difficult challenges to over come? It’s very easy for us to hate him, like a child who didn’t get what they wanted, it’s difficult to love something that doesn’t answer us when we have questions and doesn’t really help when we ask.

I try every day to find a reason behind the struggle, I try to find the lesson I have to learn. I know God doesn’t give us more then we can bare, but why is it that I feel like I’m constantly just keeping my head above water? I know there has to be a reason for it and I hope I can see the bigger picture. God isn’t some angry kid on an ant hill with a magnifying glass just picking us off for fun. He’s got a billion kids to look after and not even an all powerful God can keep track of all those kids. We each get out blessing when we truly need them, not when we want them.

God sends us signs everyday that things will get a little better, that we’re getting closer to the bigger picture. I have to have faith in what I am going through won’t last forever and that one day the life God has envisioned for me will some day happen. I have just have to have the strength to believe in something I can’t see yet, I have to believe that even in the darkest of times I can’t find a small bit of light.

God’s doing the best he can to keep us happy and alive in a time when we at every corner try to find a reason to hate him. Remember he woke you up today, he gave you the strength to get up and go about your business. Trust him to help you, trust that there is something bigger and better for you  at the end. Trust me if the Jew’s had enough faith to follow Moses through the desert for 40 years, you can have enough faith to trust in God that he has something better waiting for you. do-you-believe-that-if-god-brings-you-to-it-35084929.png


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