The Straw That Broke The Camels Back.



Have you ever had a side conversation in your head? Like for instance, when a person cuts in line in front of you at the store, do you ever just have a mental argument with them in your head? Lord know I do, I have one at lest six times a day,it’s the one thing that keeps me from not just Hulk shaming them into the concrete, cause ya know you have to act civilized and such. But then is taking someones shit just too much? When does that green monster show its face and we lose it?

Humans can only take so much from someone or society until we eventually lose our minds on someone or something. I mean there’s countless videos on YouTube of people loosing their minds at fast food workers, neighbors, ect. We see it as a crazy person just being..well crazy, when in reality that person might not in fact be crazy at all, all the crap they’ve taken has just bubbled over and spilled out into the real world.

Trust me I’ve had my own outbursts of crazy, not my proudest moment when I went to the Wawa (a local convenience store) and this woman was standing in front of the doors just texting on her phone. I was having a really bad day and I lost my mind at her. I looked at her and said “If you’re gonna go in then go! Don’t just stand there and waste space like an asshole!” She promptly gave me a well deserved dirty look and walked in.

Well I’m not a crazy person, not clinically diagnosed anyways, but I lost my mind at a woman who really didn’t deserve my nonsense. Usually I’m pretty good at telling people off who need to be told off, but sometimes innocent people get caught in my cross hairs. I am the type of person who refuses to take shit from anyone and in my line of work I need it, but I have to consciously separate the two when I am out in public.

We shouldn’t have to take shit from anyone, but when we don’t stick up for ourselves or call someone out for being an asshole, we start to just take it from everyone everywhere until we all eventually turn up on YouTube yelling at some poor Walmart cashier who let’s be honest doesn’t get paid enough to deal with your shit. We have to learn to only take as much shit as we can handle and we need an outlet for that pissed offness we feel to go. We also need to learn not to take so much shit from people, so if someone cuts in line in front of you, make it known you were there first and stand your ground.

We don’t have to take anyone’s shit and we shouldn’t have to. If I need to become some giant green super human to do it then by God I should have the right to!

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