Hotel Story Time


So as most of you know I work at a hotel, most of the time it’s a pretty easy job. You get to meet some really great people from all over and then there’s those not so nice people who are just looking to scream at someone. 

I’ve worked in hotels for about three years now and so far it’s been one of my favorite jobs. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people and I’ve made life long friendships, but over the course of those three years I’ve accumulated a lot of funny stories and some tips from my experience as a front desk agent. I’m going to tell you a couple of those stories.

So for my first story, this happened at the very first hotel I ever worked at. I mostly worked in the mornings and it was peak season for this other wise sleepy shore town. We had a guest who every Wednesday would check in with her husband and it was usually only for one night. They where locals and seemed pretty nice, we all just assumed they just wanted a little getaway as we do get the occasional local who’s just looking for a different type of scenery. Well I come into work one morning and a gentleman comes to the desk asking what his room number is. Now we are not allowed to give out any information about a guest unless they are the guest and the provide ID, I asked the gentleman to show me his ID and lo and behold he had a reservation under his wife’s name. So the guest makes his way to his room and we assumed that was the end of things until his wife enters the lobby with another man on her arm! As you expected chaos ensued. The wife had been cheating on her husband with another man and was using his credit card to pay for it! Now this was not a cheap motel this was a $400 a night hotel, how it took him this long to figure out where $400 a week was going I have no idea, but they left without fuss and we never saw them again until her husband came in asking for all the times his wife had stayed at the hotel. he was collecting evidence for his divorce. 

My next story is from the same hotel, where the hotel was situated was near some coastal homes, many of which were people s permanent residences. This gentleman who lived next door to the hotel lived next to the ally for the restaurant. Well he came in and politely asked that the kitchen staff not throw their cigarette butts on the sidewalk since they blow right in front of his home. We agreed and the staff was notified, we apparently the kitchen staff after about a week didn’t care anymore and started throwing butts in front of this guys home. He got so mad that he collected all the cigarette butts, put them in a trash bag, walked into the lobby and up to the desk and then proceeded to dump them all over the desk. It took us forever to clean up all the ash and butts. He made his point very clear that day.

This next story is possibly the funniest story. I was working at this point in a different hotel in Cape May, NJ. Now most hotels have some type of communication log so every shift knows what happened the shift before and this hotel was no different. I came in one day and read the communication email that was sent, Nothing out of the ordinary a fight between a couple was broken up and other than that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until this woman walks up to the desk asking if we found her purse, so naturally I go and check lost and found and we did not have it. She goes on to explain that her boyfriend and her had a fight the night before and that he took her purse and threw it outside on what we called the grand lawn. I decide to go outside with her to help her look she says they were by the Koi pond. We search for a little only to find her purse was thrown into the koi pond. I contact my manager who comes and very calmly in his suit pants and dress shirt walks into the koi pond! Now this pond isn’t shallow this is almost five feet deep. He’s up to his waist in muck and fish water, but he found the purse. The lady was grateful and left, My manager then goes inside and proceeds to put what just happened into the communication log. He put “Guest’s purse was tossed into the koi pond. I went in and retrieved the purse. Tried to question the Koi fish, but they were too traumatized from the situation to speak. ” I think we laughed about that for a week straight. 

My next story happened about a year ago at the hotel I currently work at. When I first started here we had a front office manager named Tim and an insane General Manager. It wasn’t the best working conditions, but I made it as bearable as I could. At this hotel we have a pool and a pool bar and in the summer it is just packed. We usually hire extra staff especially for the bar including some sixteen year old busers. This one fall before we closed up the bar for the season we had a sixteen year old boy as a buser. Well as I’m at the computer helping a guest I see and hear someone running, it was the bus boy, he ran right out the door and down the street. Next Tim and I see the bartender and she yells at Tim to run after that kid, he just stole a bottle of booze so Tim whose 6’3 jumps over the desk in his full suit and tie and proceeds to chase this kid down the street. He grabs the booze and the kid and brings them both back to the hotel where he’s now getting his ass chewed out by our GM. He was promptly fired that day and Tim was given a free drink for his efforts. 

See I told you some crazy stuff happens! I’m not really fased, by much of anything anymore, but I will tell you it’s never a dull moment when you’re working at hotel!

Let me know how you guys like this post. If you like it that much I’ll try and post new hotel stories when they occure.

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