Myths About Redhead’s And Why I Love It.

If someone you don’t already know I am a natural-born red-head aka Ginger. No, I don’t steal souls, and the jury is still out on whether or not I actually have a soul. I really enjoy being a ginger. Everyone loves my hair color, green looks awesome on me, and most men are afraid to piss me off which is a bonus. I can attribute my red locks to two things, the fact that I am Irish and Scottish. Yes, I am aware that those two places hate each other with a passion that can only be fueled by old grudges and bottomless pints of Guinness.


This is probably the most accurate photo of some old Irish drunkards.

When I was younger I hated my hair color, I always wanted to dye it, but my mother wouldn’t let me. She always told me “People pay for that hair color.” Which I always found odd, but as I got older I understood, people actually did and still do pay to have their hair dyed red which is something I’ve never had to do. My hair has gotten a little darker over the years, but it still retains is fiery red glow.

I think the best thing about red heads is that we basically have superpowers! For instance we produce our own Vitamin D, we have a higher pain tolerance than most, and we require more anesthesia to put us under, but even though we have superpowers it always hasn’t been a great time to be a ginger! In the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries redhead’s were seen as being affiliated with satan and satanic practices.

Still today in parts of Africa that practice voodoo and have a belief system that’s heavily influenced by magic, redhead’s are seen as witches! I personally have never been called a witch, but its insane that redheads have so much power that we’re akin to supernatural beings.

I wish I knew how cool my hair was when I was growing up, but I am really lucky I’ve grown to appreciate and love my rare hair type. I do wish my hair was lighter than it actually is, but even still to this day I am hesitant to dye my hair for fear of not being able to get my natural hair color back, hopefully I never lose my red color, but if I do I’ll defiantly be dying my hair red again.





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