10 Things Things That Made My Life Easier.

I’ve gone over much debate with myself about making a list post, but I’ve finally narrowed down what I’d like to post about. All the points on this list have helped me in one way or another and I hope they’ll help you too, cause who doesn’t need help every once in a while.

Before we get started I am in no way an affiliate with any product or business on this list. I use them because they work and hopefully they’ll work for you.


  1. Save money without thinking about it with Albert! I’ve been using this app since December and it has helped me save money, by putting a little bit here and there into a free savings account on the app. You can set a goal and take funds out at anytime. I am horrible when it comes to money management, but this app has helped me understand it a little better. You can add your monthly bills to it and your bank account info and it’ll tell you where to cut back on spending and how to help lower any monthly bills you have. It’s 100% free so if you don’t like it it’s no big deal.



2.  This app is great for getting rid of things around the house you don’t use anymore. My friend Kayla introduced me to this app and I’ve bought a few things off of the site. You can sell pretty much anything from old clothes,collectibles, and even furniture! It free to join and all the money you get from selling you can either use it in the app to buy other people’s stuff or you can have it deposited into your bank account. It’s helped me give life to my old clothes and it’s helped fatten my wallet a little.


download (1)3.Ever just get bored and go walk around Walmart? Well why not turn that boredom into a gift card! Shopkick is this really neat app that I’ve been using on and off for about four years now. One you launch the app you just click on the store you’re going into and Shopkick will give you points just for walking through the door. You can also earn points by scanning products with your phone’s camera. When you’ve racked up those points you’ll be able to exchange them for digital gift cards for thousands of stores.


4. For those of you with Comcast internet this app is great. Xfinity Xfi lets you control and see your internet usage. You can see what types of devices are connected and you can assign them to a specific person in your home, also you can control who has access to the wifi for example if its dinner time and you want everyone at the table you can turn off individual devices it really helps so you’re not screaming across the house yelling “dinners ready” like a lunatic. I mostly use it to help reset the router if there is an issue with the internet and to check and see when the most usage is occurring.


5. If you don’t already know about Venmo its a great free app that allows you to send and receive money from friends and family. My friend Carmen showed me this about two years ago and it’s really come in handy when I don’t have cash, but need to pay someone back for lunch. It’s easy and free to set up and you can connect it directly to your bank account or paypal. It helps a lot if you have teenage kids or kids in college all your kids have to do is ask for a dollar amount through the app  and you’ll receive a request. You can even put in a description about what the money’s for.


6. If you’re not good with credit cards and need some help getting your payments together give Tally a try. It’s a credit card manager that helps keep all your cards in one place and instead of making several different payments each month Tally takes them and makes one lump sum that you pay off each month. They also offer Debt Management, Late Fee Protection, and lines of Credit. This is great for a person like me since I forget most of the time when my payments are due. It’s free to download so it can’t hurt to try!



7. If you enjoy online shopping  then you need Dashlane. Dashlane helps store all your logins for all your favorite sites it’ll also keep record of your confirmation numbers from your purchases so you wont have to dig through your email. The app is free, but the do have a premium option ($4.99/per month) which is worth it if you do most if not all of your shopping online.  It’ll also help protect you from identity theft.


8.Yes, I know the name is funny, but it’s actually a really neat app. If you’re at the movies and that xlarge soda is rearing its ugly head you have two choices hold it till your kidneys float or run to the bathroom and hope you don’t miss anything important. Well with RunPee you can pick the perfect time to go! Just pick the movie you’re seeing and RunPee will tell you when the best time is to go use the rest room. You can even set a vibrating alarm to let you know when its time to go.


9. Ever go to the gym and see something on the TV that you want to listen to, but you can’t hear it or its muted? Well Tunity is a neat app that allows you to scan any nearby tv and it will allow you to listen to what is on that tv through your headphones or speaker. It’s a fun and free little app to use especially if you’re like me and enjoy watching Food Network while you work out!

246x0w (1)

10. Ever go on instagram or online and see an outfit you really like, but there’s no way to tell who made it or where it came from. Well with Screenshop that all ends now! With this app all you do is upload a screenshot of a photo of the outfit you like and voila! Screenshop has just uploaded tons of pieces similar to the picture! It’s really neat and it might not make your life easier, but hey it sure is neat.











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