Love is ugly

Love, it’s the strongest word known to man, one four letter word can make us or break us. It should never be taken or spoken of lightly. So why do we live in a generation of people who use it to describe every relationship they’re in? Are they actually in love? Or are they just saying they are in love to describe the lust they have for someone?

In reality love is painful and ugly, but it can also be beautiful and life changing. Love can make us do insane things we normally would never do. It can change us into a person we barely recognize, it can change our way of thinking. It can consume us in ways we didn’t think possible, but it can also break us beyond repair.

How can something so powerful and good, be turned into something so casual and meaningless? For example if you had all the money in the world would you be upset if something like you car broke down? No, you’d just go out and buy a new one. The car was meaningless, you could walk into any dealership and buy a brand new one and not even bat an eye at how much it cost. Well the word love has morphed into that, it has become almost meaningless to some, and to others it can be the only thing that matters.

When we just throw the word love around we lose its actual meaning a purpose along the way. It becomes just an everyday word. Love shouldn’t be used to describe something we like, but wouldn’t be too upset to lose. Love is everything that is good and every struggle you’ll have. A relationship where there is love is not easy or perfect though it may seem. It look years of struggles and fighting for each other, it’s about the long sleepless nights taking care of your sick husband even though you’ve just worked a 9 hour shift and all you want to so is sleep, it’s about sitting at home for weeks watching tv and eating ramen because you can’t afford to go out anywhere, it’s about holding your wife while she’s crying after she just found out she has cancer and telling her everything going to be okay, when in reality you have no idea.

Love is ugly and hard, but it’s also so beautiful. We’ve forgotten the ugly parts of love, because we want everything to be just like the movies. We see love as some superficial thing, we think buying someone flowers or expensive gifts is love and yes as nice as those things might be, who’s gonna be there for you when all the money’s gone or when your looks fade away? Who’s gonna hold you and be there for you when it seems like the whole world has turned is back on you?

Diamonds fade and flowers die, but the true love you find with someone when the chips are down and there is nothing left to lose. That’s the kind of love you want, you want that love when you’re in old and grey, you’ll want someone who’s lived a life with you, you want a comrade who’s bought battles for you and with you and if you’ve found that kind of love don’t let it go. It’ll be messy and stressful at times, but I’d rather have someone live a life with me then be a temporary fixture.

“Love says: I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying. Our culture doesn’t love love; It loves the idea of love.It wants the emotion without the sacrifice.” -Matt Chandler

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