Three Blind Mice: How others can see our issues when we can’t.

Have you ever been looked back on a past relationship and noticed all the bad things about it that you never noticed when you were actually in it? Do you look back on it and thing Why did I ever stay? Why didn’t I see all the blaring signs that this was not okay?

Well the long and shot of it is, you chose not to see the flaws. When we’re in a relationship we have a tendency to see through rose-colors glasses, we tend not to see the issues in our own relationships because we’ve become immune to it. We don’t see any issues with it because we either are comfortable or in love with that person when in reality we loved the person they once were.

Now I’m not talking about just romantic relationships I am talking about all our relationships we have, like friendships, partnerships, ect. We can become blind to the hurtful and unjust ways someone can treat us. We accept the fact that this is just the way things are and we become complacent and comfortable after spending months if not years being treated like less than what we are and what we deserve.

This is where the hard part comes in. TRUTH. Remember when you got so upset at your friend, colleague, or family member when they told you something they found wrong in your relationship? Remember when you finally found out they were right? That’s what I mean when I said we look through life with rose-glasses. Others can see the hurt and pain someone else is causing us, but we can’t, we chose not to. Now I’m not saying take everything anyone say as truth, but just listen to what they have to say.

Don’t dismiss it and don’t get angry about it, most of the time someone is trying to tell you something that is hard to hear because they love and respect you. They want to see you at your best and they want nothing, but the best for you.

We can’t sit in ignorance forever, if we do that will just lead us to our own unhappiness. Don’t waste your wonder years on someone who is just down right no good for you. Spend that time with someone who is worthy of your love, respect, time, and companionship. Don’t waste another moment one someone who will never see or understand the value of your worth.

We all make mistakes and that’s okay, its apart of being human, we’ll never stop making them, but we do need to learn from them. So listen to a friend or someone you can trust and listen to what they have to say, they might just be seeing something you’re blind to.

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