In the blink of an eye.

Ever have one of those months where one moment its the beginning of a new month then in the blink of an eye it’s over and a new month has begun?

That’s been happening to me lately, I’ll wake up, go about my day and then next thing I know one month has flown by. Where did the time go? I’ve begun to notice as I get older the faster the time fly’s. Days start to blur together, and we barely notice.

It’s hard to grasp onto fleeting moments and we have a tendency to take those days for granted. For instance my wedding day, all the months of planning and freaking out. All were gone in an instant, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every minute of it, but I didn’t expect it to fly by without so much as a kiss goodbye.

It got me thinking that every day is special, whether I’m going to work or just wasting a day off by laying in bed all day. Everyday has something new and exciting. I want to look at each day and take it for something new and not just another day.

We get so wrapped up in work and home life that we forget how beautiful a sunset is or how fresh-cut grass smells, or the sound of absolute silence after fresh snowfall. All these things we take for granted and we miss it because we don’t take the time to admire and take in the world around us.

So next time you find yourself racing, take a moment before you leave work or when you’re drinking your morning coffee and just look around. Notice how the leaves have changed, notice how the amazing your coffee smells. Just take one moment and focus on it. Because next thing you’ll know it’ll be a new day, new month, hell a new year and by the time you notice what happened all those fleeting moments become distant memories.

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