“Fuck It” List

Have you ever had one of those days where your head just wants to explode? I’ve had a few. My head likes to do this awesome thing where it takes every stressing trigger and throw it in a closet. Kinda like when you were a kid and your parents told you to clean your room and you interpreted that as “stuff all my crap in the closet and not actually clean anything.”. Yeah that’s what my brain does so when the closet gets to full and explodes open I literally feel like I’m drowning

. Thankfully I’ve found a way to combat this “hot garbage” as I like to call it.

My “Fuck It List”. I basically write down everything that stresses me out especially the things I can’t control and I put it on the list and say Fuck It! It helps me to de-clutter my mind and focus on what I can change and improve, like for instance I can’t stress over something that happened in the past so it goes on the list and when there is something on the list I can change I set out to try to fix it. There’s no time stamp on when it needs to get done, just as long as I work toward fixing

the issue.

Once the issue is fixed I can check it off and move on to the other things on the list. I suggest everyone try this from time to time. You can’t go around all day carrying stress in your head and expect not to have your head explode at some point. When your head explodes you usually take that stress out on some poor unsuspecting victim who just happened to be within range of your unfocused anger.

It’ll also help you with your anxiety a little bit, Now I’m not saying I found a cure-all for anxiety I’m just saying what helps me, but relieving yourself of stressful issues will help you reduce your anxiety. I know writing down things has helped me get past a few anxiety attacks I’ve had, but everyone is different and we shouldn’t expect something that works for us to work for another.

Everyone has their own way of coping with life’s stresses and to each their own. Just never forget that you’re not alone in this battle and there is always a guiding hand just waiting for you to talk hold.

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