Change In Command

Let me start this post off by saying, I’ve been here for a little over a year and we’ve changed our General Manager three times since then. First was an awful woman who we’ll call Karen, for the sake of privacy I’ll be changing the names of everyone involved. Second was Kevin, he literally pulled our sinking hotel out of the ashes and made us new and better, and now we have Jake he seems nice enough, but also seems like he has no clue how to run a hotel let alone work in this business. I guess only time will tell if he’s got what it takes to stay in the business.

For those of you who have never worked in a hotel before it can be a fun job, but it is also a personal Hell for many, myself included. Don’t get me wrong I love the people I work with and I enjoy my job, but you really have to have a thick skin to work in the hospitality industry. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been yelled at, had things thrown at me, been called names, and had my ass handed to me. I never have once cried about it thank God, but I know many that have.

Working at the front desk, you are in the line of fire so to speak especially since every guest coming in thinks you are personally responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. For example our check in time isn’t until 4 PM and our check out time isn’t till 11 AM. So if a guest doesn’t check out till 11 AM housekeeping probably won’t get around to that room until 12 PM or 1 PM which means the room wont be done till about 2 PM or 3 PM. We at the desk have no control over this, yet when a guest walks in at 12 PM and expects their room to be ready its just not possible.

Yet still it is all our fault, like I’m really just standing here lying to you about your room not being ready, because it brings joy to my heart. No, I literally don’t need an irate guest in my lobby having a temper tantrum worse than any toddler I’ve seen, all because they didn’t get what they wanted right then and there. If you are nice to us we’re more then willing to help you like by moving you to a room that’s ready or Hell we’ll even give you an upgrade for free! All you have to do is be nice to us and treat us like oh I dont know HUMAN BEINGS!

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